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Marjorie Malone – My Mom

Marjorie Malone is a retired music educator extraordinaire!  We judged together in 2013 and as I described “iRemember the Music”, she related the following story.  It is reprinted with her permission. My Memory with Mom Helen Frances Grant Smith Mom grew up with music, even played trombone in HS band – no small task for […]

From the Filmmaker

Michael in Amsterdam

Four years ago, I met a man named Dan Cohen who was launching what started out as a small program designed to bring personalized music into the lives of residents of nursing homes in New York. As I followed Dan, documenting the results of his work for my film Alive Inside, not only did I […]

Film Can Change Lives – One in Three of Us!

Movies don’t change lives. Religion can change lives. Falling in love can, and so can becoming a parent. Tragedy, alas, is hugely effective at creating change, albeit painfully. But movies? Not really. Except nobody seems to have told this to the makers of “Alive Inside,” a devastating, incredibly inspiring documentary about the power of music. […]

Cost of Music vs. Prescriptions

“…it was borderline revolutionary when social worker Dan Cohen discovered that playing Alzheimer’s patients beloved songs of their youth could bring their memories and personalities to the surface in a way that no drug ever has. It’s a cost-effective solution that is largely disregarded by the health care-industrial complex, a deeply dysfunctional system in which […]

As a clinical social worker…

As a clinical social worker, I  have observed the use of music at the end of life as a powerful tool that helps to soothe the soul.   Music is known to reduce the symptoms of pain and anxiety and help to alleviate the feelings of isolation.  Music is a means of connecting one with their […]

Alzheimer’s patients and MP3 Music Players

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease, particularly in the later stages, frequently suffer from anxiety attacks, hallucinations, and depression.   My wife suffers from the disease and began having many occurrences of those symptoms over a year ago.  It is a terrible situation for the patient and the family.  At family gatherings we had all noticed she seemed […]