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Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder with Headphones

    Happy Thanksgiving!  On this contemplative day, I think this article has some WONDERFUL ideas for “Caring for Caregivers”.  I’d add a paragraph, describing how music can help the elder enjoy musical AND experiential memories from the past.  Purchase the movie “Alive Inside” and give it, or loan it, to as many people that […]

* Memorial – Dana Mayes

     *Dana was invaluable as one of the first people to utilize personalized music to soothe and “remember”.  We will always be grateful for Jerry’s support and Dana’s beautiful reactions! Dana Lynn Mayes, loving wife and mother, and longtime Edmond teacher, was released into Heaven early Friday morning.  On this final journey she was surrounded […]

Poignant Review of “Alive Inside”

Alive Inside Premiere

From “Alive Inside” – A Review and Commentary “I had actually braced myself for a very difficult subject matter: dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are not exactly the happiest of topics, especially when it hits so close to home (both my parents have been diagnosed with dementia). But as the film gods would have it, something very inspiring […]

How A Long-Term Care Facility Brings Music to Residents

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Tapping your toes. Rocking your body. Humming or even singing along to the tune. They’re all common reactions to hearing a familiar song. Those are the signs staff at Welland long-term care facilities are hoping to see in dementia patients following a recent donation of 55 iPods and headphone sets. The $4,000 donation, a joint […]

Learn About Who We Are


Scientists are just on the frontier of learning the powerful impact of music on the brain. Our goal is to learn more about how music therapy helps Alzheimer’s patients.As we all know from hearing that song associated with a first love or leaving home for good, music is profoundly linked to personal memories. In fact, […]